DPF and EGR services

Modern diesel engines have emissions control equipment designed to help diesel vehicles meet ever more stringent emissions legislation, but it can cause potentially costly problems when it malfunctions. We can help you avoid expensive replacement costs:

DPF cleaning

The DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), designed to filter out soot and particulates from the exhaust, can get clogged if it can’t regenerate itself; this is common in vehicles used for shorter start/stop journeys.

We may be able to save you the considerable costs of replacing the DPF by cleaning the existing one. We’re an appointed agent for DPF Doctor, a nationwide network of independent DPF experts, who can diagnose DPF issues and try to rectify them.

We’ll undertake a full diagnostic check on your DPF and, depending on what we find, clean your DPF or advise you on what other remedial work may be required.

DPF removal - the DPF can be physically removed but it is against regulations and is an MOT failure. We’ll only consider full removal if the vehicle is to be used entirely off-road.

EGR removal

The EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system recirculates exhaust gases to lower their temperature so reducing the levels of harmful emissions before expelling them from the vehicle.

Part of an EGR system is a valve that opens and shuts at certain times; unfortunately it can eventually become clogged with soot, and stops opening and shutting properly with the result being your truck may not run as well as it should.

Our remedy is to bypass the valve using an entirely software based remap; no physical removal or other mechanical repair is undertaken in what is a non-intrusive process that will save considerably over the cost of replacing the valve.

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