Tractor Tuning in Avon & Somerset

Thanks to modern remapping techniques agricultural machinery such as tractors can benefit from the performance and economy gains possible; it’s not just the preserve of cars.

Improved economy means less money spent on fuel, and these savings mount up over a period of time and stronger engine performance means more work can be done in less time.

What we do:

  • Engine remapping - by plugging our remapping equipment into your tractor’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit) we replace the factory engine settings with new ones created for your requirements in a completely non-intrusive process. We don’t take the engine apart or remove any components at all
  • AdBlue® removal - if AdBlue® levels are too low most engines are programmed to go into ‘limp’ mode; our software based solution will remap the AdBlue® settings to prevent this

What our remapping and tuning service can provide for your tractor:

  • More power - an increase in BHP and torque makes for a more powerful machine
  • Smoother running - the engine will run smoother so making for improved power delivery across the rev range and improving the drivability
  • Improved economy - you should notice an improvement in fuel economy - possibly as much as 10% - which will make a significant difference to your operating costs in fuel savings
  • Lower emissions - your tractor should leave a lower carbon footprint than previously thanks to a likely improvement in emissions such as NOx and diesel particulates

Improved performance effectively increases the amount of work your tractor can do, so heavier machinery can be towed and more work can be completed in less time. For example, when ploughing a field increased power and performance could mean that your tractor can plough deeper in each pass meaning fewer repetitions thus saving time and likely fuel.

DPF and EGR services

Anti-emissions equipment fitted to modern diesel engines such as a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) systems can cause their own problems in terms of clogging and malfunction but we can help. Learn more on our ‘DPF and EGR services’ page.

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