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An ECU remapping by Fourth Avenue Tuning can improve your truck’s fuel economy, performance and possibly reduce emissions.

What we do:

  • Engine remapping - a non-intrusive process that doesn’t involve removing parts or dismantling the engine. The factory settings on your truck’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit) are replaced with new ones simply by us ‘plugging in’ our remapping equipment to your truck’s ECU

  • AdBlue® removal - if AdBlue® levels are low the engine goes into ‘limp’ mode; our non-invasive remap will prevent this happening

  • Speed limiter calibration - we can remap to alter the speed limiter settings. For example, when the maximum speed limit for HGVs was raised to 60mph in 2015 several trucks needed resetting

How your truck can benefit:

  • Improved fuel economy - a remap could see your truck use up to 10% less fuel - a significant saving especially when multiplied over several trucks if you run a fleet

  • Improved performance - increased torque, BHP gains and smoother acceleration through the removal of ‘flat spots’ can make your truck easier and more pleasant to drive

  • Lower emissions - it’s likely our remapping service will reduce your truck’s NOx gases and diesel particulates emissions so giving it a lower carbon footprint

Other services:

  • Diagnostics - if a warning light is showing or a fault code appears we have main dealer class diagnostic equipment to identify the fault so saving significantly on the rates you’d pay taking your truck to the main dealer

  • DPF services - we can help if your DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is possibly clogged and affecting your engine’s performance

  • EGR valve bypass - the valve in EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) systems can become clogged with soot and stop operating properly causing a drop in engine performance; we can help avoid expensive replacement costs

See our ‘DPF and EGR services’ page for more details.

We’re able to work on just about all makes and model of truck. Along with offering remaps and tuning services from our well appointed premises in Midsomer Norton, we’re happy to come to your place of business as remapping and some other services can be undertaken onsite.

To discuss your requirements and book an appointment talk to us at Fourth Avenue Tuning today.

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