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Many vehicles from small cars, SUVs, 4x4s, exotic performance cars, vans, motorhomes and more can benefit from the performance and economy gains possible from a Fourth Avenue Tuning ECU remap.

Engine remapping - remapping your engine’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is completely non-intrusive in that we don’t have to dismantle the engine or replace mechanical parts. We plug our remapping equipment into the ECU and replace the factory engine settings with new ones tailored to your vehicle.

If your main priority is pure power then some hardware changes along with an ECU remap may be required such as a higher specification exhaust. We’ll advise based on your requirements.

Find out how your particular vehicle will benefit from our service here.

How your engine can benefit from a Fourth Avenue Tuning remap:

  • Performance gains - a remap will improve your engine’s torque and general power delivery so making it more responsive to drive
  • Acceleration improvements - by removing ‘flat spots,’ acceleration will be much smoother and throttle response vastly improved
  • Economy - you should benefit from an up to 10% improvement in fuel economy which will soon help you save on fuel costs
  • Emissions - CO2 from petrol engines and NOx and particulates from diesel engines are usually reduced so reducing your vehicle’s carbon footprint

Our other services:

Auto gearbox remapping

Manufacturers often use a few different gearbox designs in several different models and differentiate them by using different ratios. This may not suit all users, so we offer a gearbox remapping service that can be undertaken in conjunction with an ECU remap or on its own.

You’ll benefit from:

  • Increases in power and torque
  • Smoother and swifter gear changes
  • Improved efficiency and fuel economy
  • More responsive tiptronic and paddle shifts

We’re able to work on various modern auto box types such as Tiptronic, DSG and S and R-Tronic.


Illuminated warning lamps or codes appearing on your dashboard often mean an expensive trip to the main dealer for fault diagnosis. We can save you money here in that our electronic diagnostic equipment is of main dealer standard, but our typical labour rates are significantly less; we can diagnose the fault or reset warning systems if it’s a ‘false call’.

DPF and EGR services

Modern diesel engines often have a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and an EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system to help conform to ever-more stringent emissions regulations.

Unfortunately the DPF and EGR valve can malfunction due to becoming clogged with soot and other matter. We can offer alternatives to expensive replacement, so take a look at our ‘DPF and EGR services’ page.

Flexible service

We can visit your home or business to undertake an ECU remap, or you’re welcome to have your remapping or other work done at our Midsomer Norton base. We’ll make a back up of your existing ECU factory settings and carefully file them should you wish to revert your ECU to its original state at some stage.

Call Fourth Avenue Tuning today to see how we can help boost your vehicle’s performance and economy.

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